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  • Just wrapped filming on PANT SUITS playing Linda, Bryce Dallas Howard's perky and honest BFF
  • Supporting Role on Masters of Sex (SHOWTIME) playing Shirley, a sassy woman of the night
  • Sold out run of two-woman sketch show Kinky Bangs at the Comedy Central Stage
  • CO-AUTHOR of the Fringe Award winning comedy GAY CAMP!
  • Represention:
    • Manager- Robyn Bluestone
    • Theatrical- Marion Campbell Kammer at Talentworks
    • Commercial- Laura Soo Hoo at Reign Agency
    • Legal- Michael Mahan at Peikoff Mahan

    NEW Comedic Web Series TOP MOP on Funny or Die

    TOP MOP Episode 1: Best Mops Forever from Susan-Kate Heaney on Vimeo.

    >>>CLICK HERE to see More Episodes<<<

    Praise for Mop-oholic

    "It is when Susan-Kate gives the mops her voice that the audience realizes how truly talented and unique she is as a performer. Her energy throughout the performance never fizzles... she keeps us engaged."

    "There is an intimacy that develops between Heaney and the audience... She is over the top and incredibly imaginative. She is naive and unforgivingly sweet. And by all accounts, she is honest... audiences will be hard pressed to leave "Mop-oholic" feeling anything other than fondness and positive wishes for Heaney."

    "Mop-oholic is a hilarious account of Susan-Kate's unique relationship with what the average person sees as a mere cleaning product... Susan-Kate has a wonderfully unique story to be told that brings out the strange little five year old in all of us."

    Daily News

    Daily News Article: Performer tops show with 30 of her favorite mops

    Most recent Funny or Die sketch

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